First Baptist Church West Tawakoni

"Our Mission"

      We will share the Good News

      of Jesus Christ to all who

      will hear and seek to make

      disciples as we develop our

      personal relationship with

      our Heavenly Father!

What We Beleive

First Baptist Church exists to glorify God through a passionate ministry that includes worship, instruction, fellowship, outreach and service.

We are committed to achieving the highest quality in our work while building leaders for our world and impacting the people of West Tawakoni.

We will seek to respond with relevance to the needs of the people of West Tawakoni with the love of Christ as a result of our devotion to God. We will seek to restore with care the people of West Tawakoni with the hope that is in Christ as an extension of the supporting church community we experience.

We will seek, through faith, to reproduce in others the work Christ is performing in our personal and collective lives as disciples of Christ.

                    How The Church Started

                             West Tawakoni Baptist Church was first started in 1980, in the blue building at the entrance
                             of Hales Retreat with four members,  Cecil & Edith Cole and John& Corinne Davignon.
                             In October, a classroom was built. Tom Sawyer built it and sold it to us at a reduced price;
                             He put it in the dry for us. Pete Mercer finished it for us.

                             Sunday School for youth and children was held in this unfinished building on December 28, 1980.
                             Morning church services started with 4 members and 1 visitor on November 16, 1980. First
                             contribution was $86.00. On the fourth Sunday, we had 6 children and 4 adults. February 8, 1981,
                             adults started their Sunday School class.

                             On June 21, 1981, the Building Fund was started with $10.00. The adults of the community were not anxious
                             to come to class or to church services. We started Sunday evening class for children on July 26, 1981.
                             Sunday morning, Corinne Davignon had class for youth and children during Sunday School hour
                             and then had class for the 3year olds through 2nd Grade during church services. We started
                             Wednesday night children's class on October 4, 1981. Tommy Mercer was the first child to attend
                             this class. Finally, on October 11, 1981, adults had two more in their class. These were Pete & Inez Mercer.
                             Our first Vacation Bible School was held in August, 1981, with an average of 17.